About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Charlie Golf One will provide a supportive housing community for

Veterans and their families; complete with wrap-around services and collaboration with other community organizations that will assist in bridging the gap between military and civilian life. In doing so, we will create a successful and positive environment that empowers Veterans.


We are inviting our greater community – veteran and non-veterans alike – to unite and join us in creating a housing community for veterans and their families.


Serving those who served us, means more than just providing housing. It means addressing their needs and ensuring that our nation’s heroes have access to wrap-around services, such as: ensuring they have access to
qualifying VA benefits, in addition to occupation, education, health, meaningful employment and financial


People often feel more at ease around those who have similar experiences; veterans and their families are no different. By coming together, veterans and their families can find support and a renewed sense of belonging by interacting with one another.


We will always act in a highly ethical manner with honesty, transparency and fairness, with the Veterans’ need always being our top priority.

Happy military man with his family at home

What we hope to achieve

While Charlie Golf One stands by to assist as many as call for our help, we have a vision to help as many as we can for years to come.

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